Missing line numbers in IDE History panel

I am running Delphi 10.4.2 and notice there are line numbers when I flick to the history tab looking at previous versions. (All good in XE6)

Could someone confirm if they see the line numbers or is it just me - could be a new setup option or my addons interfering (GExperts/CNPack)


For me it shows a number every 10 lines, as well as the line number of the line the cursor is on. Same as the main editor.

Is that what you’re getting?


It’s an option though. Options | User Interface | Editor | Display


Hi Malcolm

This is what I see in the history tab. But in the code tab I see every line number (might be an addon doing that)

Hmmm, when I change that option I mentioned, it changes both. Not sure.

I have line numbers in both. I have GExperts installed but not CNPack.

My line number option was not ticked but I was still seeing them in the code panel. Ticked it and now they appear in code and history so maybe an addon was showing the numbers there.

Thanks and sorry for not looking harder at the options

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