Mobile App + Cloud Database

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I have a customer who’d like a mobile app written for customers to access devices out in the field.

To use these devices, the customer will need to download the mobile app and register once with a few details. To use a specific device, the customer will select it from a list. The list is populated with devices that are within current Bluetooth range of the customer (each device is BT enabled).

Once selected (and the machine is not already in use), they will be able to access some settings on that machine and start using it. At that time the user account details also need to be logged to a cloud based database. After some time (or the mobile device goes out of range), the device will drop back to a standby state.

Is this the type of application that can be created with Delphi? How can I find someone to work on this with me? I will be designing the device hardware and firmware, but the app and back end parts are not what I really want to get into at this stage.

At a first glance the Bluetooth requirement is most likely the thing that could potentially cause you the biggest headache. Bluetooth is pretty much fully supported for Android but for iOS it’s a different story. On iOS Bluetooth LE is supported but for Bluetooth Classic the situation isn’t as clear. Do you know which Bluetooth protocol your device supports?

If the Bluetooth issues can be sorted out then Delphi is probably a good choice for your application. I’ve sent you a private forum message if you wish to discuss further.

The hardware (and firmware) for these devices doesn’t exist yet, so we’re not locked into any specifics at this point in time.

BT will be an option for the device, so that board will be developed as a separate item that communicates with the other boards in the system.

Hi David,
What Lachlan said re: classic Bluetooth on iOS is spot on.

I have done a very similar app/hardware integration to what you are talking about but used Wifi instead, as I didn’t want to use Bluetooth LE (the device uses bluetooth for other purposes).

If you want to have a look go to

Feel free to direct message me if you’d like.



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I did think of wi-fi, but thought BT may be better for several reasons:

  • Connection range needs to be small (within a few metres)
  • Need to enforce a 1 to 1 relationship between mobile and device
  • BT with app is more secure (against hacks) for use in a public area?

@Vernon does your solution use a web server on the device for the interface, or is the wi-fi just a connection method?

Well a bit of everything …
I use/receive UDP broadcasts to locate/discover the device on the network.
I use TCP to do general comms once I have located the device.
I use a web server (in the app) to do OTA (over the air) firmware updates on the device.

Ah, so the general user interface is still a Delphi FMX app ?

Everything described above is in the FMX app … along with the UI and a few other things like SQLite db access, camera based barcode / QR code scanning, etc.

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