New Devart Delphi DAC for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria with Firebird 4 and Apple M1 support

Devart presented new versions of Delphi Data Access Components to keep assisting software engineers in developing fast native applications.

The key feature of the recently updated products is support for the newly released RAD Studio 11 Alexandria.

The release also includes such important enhancements:

  1. All Devart Delphi Data Access Components now support Apple M1 processors.
  2. Devart became the first vendor of Delphi components with Firebird 4 support.
  3. UniDAC now includes new data providers for HubSpot and BigQuery that allow users to connect to these data sources from Delphi or C ++ Builder applications.
  4. UniDAC supports the latest version of NexusDB 4.50.27.
  5. LiteDAC and UniDAC support a new option - IntegerAsLargeInt, which maps SQLite INTEGER columns to fields of type ftLargeInt.
  6. In addition, a new demo project for FastReport FMX is available in all DAC products.

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