New language features - vote if you like them

One of the reasons I’m enjoying my work in Javascript/Typescript so much these days is because of all the language enhancements that allow me to type less code and produce fewer bugs.

There are a few things in Delphi that constantly cause bugs in my code or cause a lot of bloated code. They are always ‘my fault’ but if the compiler could help me with a few more things by detecting I stuffed up, I would save hundreds of hours a year.

Here are list of language enhancements which are very small but would make code so much nicer:

Please vote for them if you like them.

This one is interesting, but fails when you use the multiple object WITH object1, object2 DO … syntax. I’d prefer that we could see in the mouseover hint which object and method the compiler thinks are connected together. No new language feature required?

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RSP-42060 does not make any sense because either the variable is already initialized because its a managed type (such as string) or you get a W1036.

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And a refactoring to remove with statements.


I believe WITH statements, should always be removed as they hide values during debugging.

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It appears “WITH” is more controversial and hated than FreeAndNil …