New Site is Fantastic

Pass the message on to friend and colleagues. The new forum is easy to use, configure and has all the functionality of the old ADUG Site.

This forum provides me emails directly into an Outlook folder and does everything I enjoyed from the ADUG List Server.
BUT has much more
The most important improvement to me is the ability to search the archive. Previously I only had the search in Outlook on Win 10. I had to scroll down all emails to find the highlighted one. The Forum filters the search on the fly.
I watched Lachlan’s very short video, and in minutes I was happily flying.

Love it!!


I’m enjoying it as well. As you explore more feel free to add your tips to that thread I created, they don’t have to be videos. I’m keen to read what features other people have discovered and found useful.

Cool. I did have some reservation early on, having done a lot of computing last century and can remember railing against Non plain text emails!
I understand topics, but haven’t used them much as yet. Just looking at latest, which is very well designed. The whole Forum is very ‘friendly’. The Implementation Team and the Committee are to be congratulated.
I am also a supporter of Open Source, always hoping to reduce/avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Well, I’ve certainly got the post counts going with my annoying questions for far!

I like having threads that are easily viewable and searchable.

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Having not enjoyed web forums I’ve tried in the past, I have come to like the Discourse based ones. They seem to have gotten most of the things right :slight_smile: