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Greetings from the NexusDB Team!

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News from the Dungeons:

Development of new features in our best in class Delphi based NexusDB database engine is progressing well. Here are some new and recently added features that you may not be aware of, but which will come in handy for your projects:

  • Delphi 11.3 Alexandria support - support for new and emerging Delphi versions is always up to date

  • NEW: HTTP/2 transport added, for secure communication over HTTPS

  • NEW: DATE() and ISODATE() SQL functions added

  • In BETA, coming soon: reducing the chattiness of the transport protocols to improve performance over high latency networks is progressing well, and already in use in a major CRM software system

  • in BETA, coming soon: option for client side caching of TnxTable data to reduce the amount of data transferred over transports

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The NexusDB Team