Number Edit Control With Min / Max

I need an edit control for a user to key in a number between -9999 and 9999. If it has spin buttons built in even better.

Everything I’ve tried so far seems to have issues when the min value is negative. You either can’t key in the minus sign or when you do the value jumps to the min value. So far I’ve tried the built-in, TMS and JVCL controls and found nothing that works properly.

Ideally I’d like the on change event to only fire once the return key is pressed and the number is already clipped to the min / max. Am I missing something here?

I made a specialised spinedit button years ago that can easily be modified to accept negative values - you’re welcome to it.


I’d certainly like to try it please.

TMS AdvSpinEdit seems to work for me, you just have to ‘remember’ to check ‘signed’, which is way down the property list

Maybe the JVCL control is the same?

Thanks Mark. That seems to have solved the issue.

I wonder why the Signed property is even needed when you can set a negative minimum value?

Thanks for the control Didier. I’ll check it out. :slight_smile: