Ollama / Dllama : Running a Local LLM

Dllama - LLM inference in Delphi - Jared Davison


Model library

Ollama supports a list of models available on ollama.com/library

Here are some example models that can be downloaded:

Model Parameters Size Download
Llama 3 8B 4.7GB ollama run llama3
Llama 3 70B 40GB ollama run llama3:70b
Mistral 7B 4.1GB ollama run mistral
Dolphin Phi 2.7B 1.6GB ollama run dolphin-phi
Phi-2 2.7B 1.7GB ollama run phi
Neural Chat 7B 4.1GB ollama run neural-chat
Starling 7B 4.1GB ollama run starling-lm
Code Llama 7B 3.8GB ollama run codellama
Llama 2 Uncensored 7B 3.8GB ollama run llama2-uncensored
Llama 2 13B 13B 7.3GB ollama run llama2:13b
Llama 2 70B 70B 39GB ollama run llama2:70b
Orca Mini 3B 1.9GB ollama run orca-mini
LLaVA 7B 4.5GB ollama run llava
Gemma 2B 1.4GB ollama run gemma:2b
Gemma 7B 4.8GB ollama run gemma:7b
Solar 10.7B 6.1GB ollama run solar

Note: You should have at least 8 GB of RAM available to run the 7B models, 16 GB to run the 13B models, and 32 GB to run the 33B models.

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