Orange County, Southern California - Delphi user group

[Jim Hunter](

Hi, I am one of the organizers for the Orange County Delphi Users Group in So Cal. We are always looking for presenters at our monthly meetings. We are still virtual and have no plans on changing that right now, so as long as the 7pm PST time works for you (the 4th Wed of each month), we would love to have you share your cool projects with our group. PM me if you would be interested in presenting at one of our upcoming meetings.

We don’t do C++Builder, just Delphi and Delphi related stuff like using JavaScript on your Delphi generated web page. Or tuning your database for the best Delphi performance, mobile development, etc. Our group loves to learn new things and trends, but I don’t think anyone has interest in C++ though. 🙁

FYI, I think we are now the longest continuously running Delphi Users Group in the US, possibly the world. We started just a couple of months after Delphi was released. We are trying to get our numbers back up. Back in the day, we had meetings with over 100 attendees! Sadly, we don’t get that any more, so we are trying to reach out and get fresh content to bring attendance back up.

Hi Paul

Do they have a website? I would like to attend one of their meetings if possible.


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