Order of posts in the mailing list for a topic

I am noticing that the order of emails received on a topic don’t always arrive in the same order that they were originally posted. For example, I sometimes receive a reply to a post before getting the original post. This is most noticeable when there are many posts in a topic.

Hi John

As far as I can tell from the admin section of the forums, the emails are being sent in order - this is the some of emails sent to you recently (I just filtered the log by your user name)

The thing with email is there is no guarantee that delivery happens in order. Once an email is sent, it’s up to the mail servers to determine delivery order.

One thing that can seriously mess this up is when the receving mail server has greylisting enabled.

FWIW - on the old email list I would regularly get emails out of order - and yes, our mail server has greylisting enabled.

Thanks for checking Vincent.

Forces outside of our control then.

Are you sure it’s not your email client and/or the way it is set up?

Most clients seem to fetch newest first, so depending on what else they might be doing or not doing and/or internet connection ‘issues’, it would seem possible for stuff to come through out of order

I use Outlook and I don’t think it’s that. Just looking at one instance, I received an email in the interfaces topic yesterday at 1:09 pm which was a reply to one received later at 1:22 pm, with another email in the same topic received in between these two. Probably an issue with my ISP.

I’m not too fussed about it, it’s something I can live with.

I am happy with the new forum in general, particularly that it has the mailing list option.