Problem adding Event info

Could someone please have a check on the website? When trying to do “Add Event” to my last post in the Meetings section, I get this:

I had a look and upgraded everything that was easy to upgrade, but no help.

I have posted in the Discourse area of the committee in the hope that someone else can sort it out.

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I’ll look into it - may need to rebuild the container and reboot - haven’t done that in a while

@Geoff we cannot currently rebuild the contain on the server - because of a lack of disk space.

There is currently only 5Gb free. I would suggest adding at least another 10GB if not more (to allow for future attachments etc

@vincent I have added another 10Gb to the forum server for you.

Container rebuilds are working again. Sadly this didn’t help.

It looks like the problem is the events plugin has not been updated to Ember 5 (from 3) which is required for discourse plugins.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be updated any time soon. Not sure what to do about this - wait and see, or remove the plugin.

Ahhhh, open source, gotta love it.

Maybe remove the plugin for now. Better than getting errors trying to add an event.

Thanks @vincent for looking into this.

I have removed the third party Events plugin, but the good news is the Create Event option which is part of the official calendar plugin still works.

When creating a post, the :gear: icon on the toolbar has a dropdown menu, with Create Event - which when filled out, will insert the event into the post, and also add the event to the meetings calendar.

@EivindB I edited your post to add the event.

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Thanks for looking into it and pointing me to the workaround :slight_smile: