PyScripter Error

I have installed PyScripter to try and follow the examples that Jim McKeeth recently posted on YouTube showing linkages between Delphi and Python. When I start PyScripter I get: “Could not connect to the remote Python engine server. The remote interpreter and debugger is not available.”

I am running Windows 10 21H2, 64bit, Python 3.10.2 (32-bit)
Python and PyScripter executables have been added to the Firewall rules.

Any tips on where-to from here?


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Before using PyScripter, you must ensure that there is a version of Python
greater or equal to 3.6 installed on your Windows machine. If you do not have one
installed, you can download one from

The 64-bit version of PyScripter (x64) works only on 64-bit Windows and
with 64-bit versions of Python. The 32-bit version (x86) of PyScripter works on both
32-bit and 64-bit Windows with 32-bit versions of Python.

The zip files contain portable versions of PyScripter. No installation is needed. Just
unzip the archive and start using PyScripter.