Quality.embarcadero.com down?

Is anyone else having issues logging in to quality.embarcadero.com?

I’m able to get to the page but there’s a long delay after clicking Log In before it pops up a red banner with the message:

Sorry, an error occurred trying to log you in - please try again.

I’m thinking that it could be related to the recent hardware failure even though quality.embarcadero.com wasn’t affected too much by that. Otherwise, it could be related to the planned migration to a new system, but you would think that they’d post a message to indicate that the system was intentionally offline if that were the case…

Yes, it has been that way for 5 days now. No ETA on when it might be available again. @ianbarker should be able to confirm.

It is still being worked on by a Jira specialist and it’s taking a lot longer than estimated. I’ve not had an update about the project for a few days but the last I heard it was not ready.

Note that the QP project is not connected to the recent hardware outage which has now been effectively resolved or mitigated.

I know there might be some issues with QP logins at the moment but that’s something new to me and it may or may not be connected to the migration effort.

Thanks for the replies, Dave & Ian.

I’m still not able to log in but I’ve resolved the issue that I was having so no great rush to get access at the moment - I won’t bother raising a support ticket if it’s already being worked on.

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