Quartex Pascal alpha

Jon Aasenden posted :

Quartex Pascal Public Download

It’s been a long time coming, but now you can download the first public alpha build and take it for a spin! (NOTE: READ the install instructions below!). There are some restraints in this build due to brevity and time, but all in all you should be able to see the potential in the product.

Also I hope you consider backing the project on Patreon (Quartex is creating Software development tools and a unique cloud platform | Patreon). Funding makes everything easier and also, if you back the project as one of the top-tiers, you get the full source-code for the entire system to play with.

Install notes

Download the zipfile and unpack to C:\Work\QuartexPascal. There is no installer yet so the IDE operates with relative files (relative to the .exe). You can unzip it anywhere, but the shortcuts on the welcome tab all expect C:\Work\QuartexPascal, so to save yourself the hassle, I suggest you just place it there.

If you plan on playing with the client / server projects, make sure you download and install the latest node.js developer build from nodejs.org!

Windows Defender can decide to block the application, this is to be expected since there is no installer. If you experience problems running the program, or that the IDE cannot write to disk - you most likely must go into Windows Security and inform windows that it’s ok.

Other stuff?

A window with more information will automatically pop-up when you start the IDE with more info. HTML5 is not WinAPI so there will be differences that requires a bit of reading to understand. But you dont need to read much about HTML5, CSS etc to use Quartex Pascal. But it will help tremendously if you already know a bit of HTML and JavaScript.

The IDE is using a small Webkit engine for preview, but some of the latest features requires you to open the project via your browser (see button on the toolbar, next to the Execute button). Also make sure you click “build” before you hit execute.


The zip is hosted on my personal NAS, so if everyone hammers the poor thing at once, download speeds will be poor. If it takes a long time, just cancel and try again in 20 minutes (its a 64 megabyte download).

Download here: