Recording of Last Nights Canberra ADUG Meeting

Last night we discussed temporal tables in MS SQL Server. The recording of the presentation can be seen here:

The references and SQL statements used in the presentation are in the description.

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Been using SQL Server for nearly two decades and had never heard of temporal tables in SQL Server. Just looked them up. That’s a nice bit of technology that I have never used :wink:

You’re not alone there Misha, I didn’t get the memo either. I came across it while looking for a solution to a particular requirement but ended up not using it. I still thought that it was worth sharing though.

I wrote something similar using NexusDB - version 2 I think - at least a decade ago.

Just a single table from memory, rather than the 2 tables in the Microsoft docs, with a UTC time stamp and maybe an “I’m dead” boolean field (or something) on each record IIRC.