Report writer for Community Edition

Community Edition Rad Studio 10.4 does not have Fast Reports available.
Microsoft donates software to Charities and Not For profits. This is a good ploy and can we elevate promote idea to Embarcadero?
Is there a cheap or free report writer?

I was thinking MS Access could do reports and simply another icon or even a call from Delphi.
My commercial 10.3 shows reports FAST!
The App allows any report structure to alter Order By and to select a subset of information, eg, Categories, or Type of record such as Personal (family etc), Customer, Supplier, Other (Person, Company or Organization not a Customer or Supplier)

Also most Hobby Programmers like me probably do programmes for charities and Not For Profits. In my case the local Men’s Shed.

Embarcadero is probably the wrong entity to target since they don’t make a report generator themselves, only bundle other peoples products. Perhaps one of the third party companies have a community edition of their product.


The Get It package manager seems to have an available version of Fast Reports.
Worth checking out, I don’t know if it’s free or a trial. It could be a sort of Community Edition.

You are correct I found the Github option from FastReports. I have 10.3 and fastReports, but like yo try to keep up with the latest systems. I have 10.4 Community which doesn’t have Fastreports. I was about to write a begging email to FastReports because I only do one delphi app for our local Men’s Shed. discovered they have an open source version. Happy days!