Resources for getting started in Delphi

I’ve been asked to help a programmer (C#, .NET background) get started with Delphi. Apart from the obvious LMGTFY, are there any particular sites, resources, YT channels, etc. that are worth looking into? The focus will be on VCL/Windows desktop apps at this stage.

I’ve already mentioned but I’m not aware if Alister has content specifically for newbies…?

Footnote: I have never really explored so any suggestions there are welcome too.


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Marco Cantu’s books used to be quite good in the old days for new learners - informative and well written.

Don’t know what this one is like - but might be worth a look.

Not sure what LMGTFY means, but there are some simple samples in

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\Samples\Object Pascal\VCL

Let Me Google That For You

had to google it myself :slight_smile:

Someone created a site many years ago ( that would generate a link that replayed, in slow motion, a) going to, b) typing in the search term and c) actually displaying the results. It was a smart a… (Discourse didn’t allow the bottom word!!) response to a question. :smiley: exists now, but not quite the same. (I think the original used Flash)

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I would recommend that they go through the videos in the recent 2022 Coding Boot Camp. Schedule | Learn Delphi
You can watch the videos that make most sense to you. Some really good stuff in there even if you have been coding in Delphi for ages. What was most impressive to me about it is the work that schools in South Africa have done both in promoting Delphi as a tool but also in getting programming taught to kids at all. None of my three kids has ever expressed even the slightest desire to code anything.

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In one of the sessions they made mention of the Project Euler site. Going to that site and solving the problems really helps when you are learning a language. Not to mention that once you have solved the problem you get to see the code that others have used in your language and others to solve the same problem. Seeing innovative solutions and breaking them down into their components will consolidate your learning.

There’s a very comprehensive series of videos from LearnDelphi (it sounds like the one mentioned above by Ashwin but it’s a different series).

Hi Ian
Ashwin, in his post on this thread, mentions the recent Embarcadero Coding Boot Camp. This Boot Camp was based on my book How to Program Effectively in Delphi For AS/A Level Computer Science (1200 pages), published November 2021 and available in both print and pdf formats from We have print facilities in Australia.

Herewith link to some taster videos that were created when the book was launched

And my Session 34 Delphi Boot Camp video on Functional Programming

Best wishes


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Thanks Kevin,

I bought your book last year and it is a fantastic resource. I had no idea just how comprehensive would it before I ordered it so it exceeded my expectations. I got the print edition.

I will definitely check out your videos. I missed the session on functional programming so that is definitely something I want to look at. Have you got anything on dynamic programming in Delphi?



Very helpful resources. Thank you all for your responses.

I just came across another one that covers most of the language fundamentals in one long video.

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