RIP Niklaus Wirth

"Swiss computer scientist Professor Niklaus Wirth died on New Year’s Day, roughly six weeks before what would have been his 90th birthday.

Wirth is justly celebrated as the creator of the Pascal programming language …."


Thanks for posting this Tony.
Great article - sad loss.

Yes, a brilliant mind. I had the privilege to hear him give a talk back in the mid- to late 70s. His legacy will live on.

The Register article has a few interesting links. Exemplifying the range of Niklaus Wirth’s contributions.

A great loss.

Whereas Europeans generally pronounce his name the right way (‘Nick-louse Veert’), Americans invariably mangle it into ‘Nickel’s Worth.’ This is to say that Europeans call him by name, but Americans call him by value.


Just watching an interview with him from March 2018 here.

I can share a funny story from university, when I had to learn C as a programming language.
I prepared the entire assignment on my Atari ST in Modula-2. Then I translated it line by line to C and handed it over to my tutor. When he asked me: “Who taught you programming in C like this?” I proudly answered: “Professor Niklaus Wirth from the ETH Zürich did!” :wink: