RSS for ADUG website ?


I have gotten a request to add ADUG to RSS aggregator, with mention of the 2022 Online Symposium – ADUG page.

However, this page’s RSS points to the generic ADUG feed at ADUG which seems stuck in November 2021, which is the RSS feed that is already being tracked at begin end - Australian Delphi User Group Members

Is there another more appropriate feed I could use, or is this an issue of the ADUG website ?


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I think you have the correct details and will confirm this after the symposium.

Something has gone wrong with the feed. It hasn’t been updating since November last year. Possibly something happened when Shane updated the website.

Has anyone posted a blog since then? Melbourne meetings haven’t been posted.

Meeting announcements are a bit lost on the new layout, and focus has shifted to the forum.

Ok… So the website probably needs to be updated to point to the relevant section of the forum for meeting notices. The Symposium notice wouldn’t have gone through the feed because it was created as a page and not a post. A feed of the forums could be added to beginend and delphifeeds for the forum. Need to investigate that after symposium.