Rubicon Full-Text Search v4.068, Special Offer, $150 reward for suitable windows desktop projects

Hello ADUG readers,

Some of you might know me, many will not. I’ve been coding with Delphi since version 1.0, and my company sells two Delphi component packages – Rubicon and WebHub. This announcement is about Rubicon Full Text Search.

Right now I’m looking for up to 10 people who have a specific type of Delphi project:

  • Win32/Win64 target,
  • with a database that has Integer primary keys,
  • an application that would benefit from highly optimized full-text searching.

If you might be interested, there are 3 links worth following.

  1. This is a 15 minute “showcase” of a Delphi 11 project that uses Rubicon. It shows one way to design a user interface for searching. (Credit for that goes to Steve Skindell.) There are dozens of other ways of doing it.

  2. This is where you can get the free lite version of Rubicon for Delphi 10.4 or 11

  3. This is where you can fill in the “survey” to qualify for the $150 discount, leaving you with a cost of about USD $50 for a real Rubicon Pro license with unlimited upgrades until we do v5, which is still a long way off.

Why all this, here & now? I’m looking for feedback on the current version of Rubicon, on the ordering process, on your new-user experience. I need to find out what extra info people need early on, so that they can get up and running quickly.

HREF Tools will award up to 10 of these discounts, and ADUG is the first Delphi user group that I am making the offer to.

Any winners will be notified on Monday, 29-Nov-2021.



I did use this component in a medical software project a few years back. Already then I was amazed with the speed it produced results.
Now that I have seen the video with the latest improvements I spoke to one of my customers, who is storing medical diagnosis & treatment data in text memo fields. In the past I always warned my customers that storing too much data in memo fields is the best way to hide information. But with Rubicon it comes back to the surface of your application.


Thank you Mathias!