Service outages

I’m sure many will know Embarcadero had been having some server issues.

At least the blog site is running. It was an unfortunate look when the fb post linking to an explanation was coming up 404.

The 404 was due to me pulling the post just after I wrote it due to being messaged with an update on what was and wasn’t working.

I only posted the link to MVPs but it got shared and federated in the 5 minutes it was up. Welcome to the Internet Ian. :crazy_face:

It was important to put up a message with information but more important that it was the right information.

It’s been a torrid few days… :disappointed:

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But at the time, going to also wasn’t working.

It is now, afaik.

Not correct. :grin:

The blog is hosted on a completely separate network (in fact all the blogs are) and it is unaffected by the current outage.

It is experiencing very high traffic levels, as you might imagine, but it’s up and running.

I did refresh the cache when I re-added the post but even that doesn’t normally take it offline.

Ok. Possibly I went from the not-displaying URL, to of the same URL (nothing), to of the root URL.

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Honestly, we’d be better off hosting everything on - that site never goes down :joy:

The only ‘good’ thing about the outage is that everyone is having serious discussions about how to improve things for the future. The current outage is one of those perfect storm moments but even so stability has been an issue before that. Not sure if the same bits of kit were involved but I know there’s some serious conversations going on with upstream vendors and so on regarding it.

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Unofficial Embarcadero website checker :

Created by Darian Miller …

Actually, created by Uwe Raabe and then adapted by Darian.

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The official outage blog post has been updated with further information.

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GetIt seems to be back … and faster than ever. :tada:

(At least for Delphi 12 support)

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