Special Symposium Bonus Available to All ADUG members - 'Code Better in Delphi' on hold

OOPS, we goofed! ‘Code Better in Delphi’ has not been published yet, so we are unable to offer it.

The book offer is ‘Code Faster in Delphi’.

To celebrate our symposium, life as a Delphi programmer, still here after the trials of the last few years and whatever takes your fancy, we have a special offer for all ADUG members.

Alister Christie, one of our presenters, has just released a new book, “Code Better in Delphi”.

As a special promotion for ADUG members, you can buy a printed copy of this book through ADUG for $20. Sadly this offer is only available to Australian residents due to overseas shipping costs.

There are 20 copies available for purchase at the Chelsea Heights venue in Melbourne. These will be sold on a first come, first served basis and payment is cash only, no change for large notes.

If you miss out at Melbourne, or are just not there at the time, you can still buy the book.

For one week, now till 24th June, the book can be ordered through ADUG MemberServices.
Login and Click on the “Events and Payments” button, and the option to buy the book will be visible.

ADUG will order the book from Alister at this special price and post it to you.

The link on the member pages does not display properly? It’s just a line of text, unlike the other events above which are clickable areas.

That may be because it is not “Open” at this time.

It was open and active when I looked yesteday and many books have been ordered

The event has been closed until further notice.

This book has not been published yet, so we are unable to offer it.

We will be in touch with all who have ordered it.

The book on offer is ‘Code Faster in Delphi’