Storing DateTime Values in SQLite DB

I am using FireDAC to handle a simple DB Program,

I am using TFDConnection, TFDTable, TFDQuery and TDataSource and TDBGrid components to handle DB operations.

It is a simple visitor records DB application,
visitor table is created as;

1- create table visitors (name nvarchar(30) not null COLLATE NOCASE,
lastname nvarchar(30) not null COLLATE NOCASE,
enterance_time integer not null,
exit_time integer not null);

2- for the record insertion into the table I used,

DateTimeToUnix(Now()) values for the enterance_time and exit_time fields.

But I do not know how to show normal date time string (like mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:nn) in the DBGrid correponding fields when I want to list the records of the table to show to the user or when I show the result of a query initiated by the user.


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