Styled Components

After the preview at IT-DevCon in Rome we are pleased to announce the release of a new Open-Source project for Delphi-VCL, which will surely help to modernize your “legacy” applications (support up to Delphi XE6 version).

StyledButton is a completely customizable “button”: thanks to its versatility it is possible to use it in multiple ways, like a classic Delphi button, but with the freedom to define the border, color, aspect (rectangular, circular, squared), or as an “Icon” or “FAB”, but above all it is simple to configure thanks to the many templates that “mimic” the behavior of the Bootstrap and Angular buttons.

StyledTaskDialog offers the possibility to completely customize the messages of your app, completely replacing the system TaskDialog, and also providing support for animations (using Skia4Delphi of course).

With handy examples showing most of the features… and don’t forget to click on the “star” if you like this project too!

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