Sunshine Coast Delphi Developer Position

Medical-Objects is looking for a Delphi Developer to join our development team at our head office on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We are at the forefront of eHealth solutions in Australia and provide innovative software solutions to over 100,000 healthcare professionals.

What to expect:

  • Interesting coding challenges utilising a large variety of data structures and algorithms
  • Exposure to a variety of serialisation formats such as JSON, BSON, XML, ASN1
  • Use of a variety of security and encryption frameworks like PGP, PKI, PKCS7, JWT
  • Various protocols for data transmission like HTTP, SOAP, HL7 LLP, UDP & TCP
  • Use of medical related standards including HL7v2, HL7 FHIR, CDA, SNOMED, LOINC & PIT
  • Cross-platform development
  • Advanced CI pipeline for development using JIRA, Bitbucket, Bamboo
  • Exposure to low-level compiler development for clinical decision support
  • Programming multi-threaded and multi-tier code
  • Implementing RESTful APIs


  • Strong Cultural Values
  • Pool Table/ Arcade Machine
  • Weekly Morning Teas
  • Work-Life/Balance
  • Barista Coffee Machine
  • 1 Hour Lunch Breaks
  • Team Functions
  • Located next door to Gyms, Shops and Cafes

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