Sympoisum 2023 prize draw eligibility for online attendees

That prize draw looks good. Im seeing some cool software that I wasnt aware of before

Are online attendees eligible for the 2023 Symposium price draw or is that for in person only attendees ?

If you are an online attendee, as long as you are on the zoom call and can select your prize or have pre-arranged a proxy with us you are eligible.

Peter magor is my proxy

Speaking of the prizes, I noticed that the links in the prize list for the trichview items have a trailing / making them fail.

Same for the link to Wireless Communication Library VCL Edition (2nd prize in list).

Hi Geoff,
Just wondering how we go about receiving the prize we won at the 2023 Symposium? Not sure if I was supposed to take any further actions after being awarded a prize?

Hi David,

I’m just working on updating the program to email out the prize notifications after previously updating the prize draw program. I should have this done in the next day or so.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to contact the prize supplier and redeem your prize. I will also post a message on the forums as well notify everyone that the emails have been sent out.


Hi All,

All symposium prize winner emails have just been sent out. If you didn’t get it please check your spam folder and then send me a message so I can look into it, if required.