Symposium 2021 Dr Holger Flick – Web Development with Delphi and TMS WEB Core

Holger has been developing with Delphi since he was 14, when he started with Delphi 2. He is living in Florida, USA after moving from Germany where he grew up and studied.

An Embarcadero MVP since 2016, Holger’s career includes working on Indy, working on QA with Borland and CodeGear, and more recently as Evangelist and Developer with TMS. He also has a degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Machine Engineering.

As well as producing many video tutorials, Holger is the author of several Delphi books

  • Hands on with Delphi 1 - Cross-platform, desktop, web & reporting
  • Hands on with Delphi 11- FNC Maps
  • TMS Web Core - Web Application Development with Delphi

His Symposium presentation will show us how to quickly start developing Web applications with Delphi and get an overview of new features in the latest release of TMS Web Core, 1.8 Sirolo.

Join us for Holger’s presentation at our Symposium. For more details and registrations, visit our web page ADUG Symposium 2021

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