Symposium 2021 Peter Thönell - Design Patterns in Delphi

Peter is a long time member of ADUG and is based in Perth. An independent consultant, Peter specialises in software analysis and advanced OO architecture. His main tools are Delphi, UnityC# and SQL.

Peter’s experience tells him that all problems boil down to a handful of simple rules. Combining these can solve hard and complex problems.

This presentation will show a wide variety of design patterns and different ways they can be implemented in Delphi.

Some useful Delphi language features that are not well known and rarely seen in production code will also be covered.

The main focus is on

  • Observer pattern (multi-callback)
  • Memento pattern (for undo/redo changes to objects)

Time permitting, we will also look at other patterns

  • Decorator
  • Dependency Injection
  • Façade
  • Command

Much of this is available in a free, open source library called BatLibrary.

This is managed by Peter and available in Delphi GetIt.

Join us for Peter’s presentation at our Symposium. For more details and registrations, visit our web page ADUG Symposium 2021 .