Symposium 2021 Sponsors - Elevate Software

Sponsor : Elevate Software

Elevate Software develops and markets embedded database engines for database application developers, and a development environment for web application developers.

  • DBISAM, is for Delphi and C++Builder application developers wanting a fast and highly-customizable database engine that compiles directly into their applications, especially when replacing the BDE (Borland Database Engine) in existing applications.
  • ElevateDB, is geared toward all database application developers, and is available for almost all development environments.
  • Elevate Web Builder, is a development environment for building web applications that rival desktop applications in terms of performance and functionality. It is designed to rapidly develop applications for the web without the traditional long learning curve associated with web application development.

Check out the Elevate Software website for more details.

We thank Elevate Software for their support.

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