Symposium 2022 - Discount Codes Available

We have more details now of the generous discounts vendors are offering. These offers are available to ALL current ADUG members.

Discount codes and links will be posted on the day of the Symposium.

Note that the offers are only available from 17th to 30th June, 2022.

  • Mitov Software
    20% discount on all products

  • LMD Innovative Softwareentwicklung
    40% discount on all products

  • TRichView
    20% discount on all products for TRichView with all add-ons, RVMedia

  • NexusDB
    30% discount on new licences for all products

  • ProDelphi
    Discount price of 50 Euro for Prodelphi6432. Normal price is normally 90 Euro, update price is normally 60 Euro.

  • blaisepascal
    Free copy of PDFView Program, suitable for Linux, Mac or Windows. Local installation required.

  • SiComponents
    20% discount on all products.

  • Woll2Woll
    20% discount on new FirePower licences

What are you waiting for? As well as excellent presentations, lots of prizes and now these discount codes, this Symposium promises to be a great day.

If you haven’t already registered, visit the symposium page now.

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