Symposium 2022 Sponsors - Elevate Software

Elevate Software have been known for a long time for their ElevateDB, a complete SQL 2003-compliant relational database engine with Unicode support, views, triggers, stored procedures and functions, constraints, and replication. ElevateDB supports most development environments available today.

With the rise in web based technologies, they developed Elevate Web Builder. This is an integrated development environment for developing both client web applications and server applications using a single language. It features a compiler that compiles Object Pascal source code to both JavaScript (client) and interpreted object code (server), a WYSIWYG form designer, two-way tools that automatically create and transform source code for designer objects and event handlers, and an extensive runtime and component library for building beautiful and functional client and server web applications quickly and easily.

For more information visit their web site.

We thank Elevate Software for their continuing support.

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