Symposium 2022 Sponsors - Peganza

Peganza is a software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. They specialize in providing tools for Delphi developers.

Their best known product is Pascal Analyzer. This program parses Delphi source code (Object Pascal) and produces reports that help you understand your source code better. You will also be able to identify potential errors and anomalies. A Lite version of Pascal Analyzer is available as freeware.

Peganza have other products in their suite.

  • A Windows documentation tool for Delphi, Pascal Browser that creates hyperlinked collection of HTML documents for your source code creating a customised, full-text searchable CHM file, helping you understand your code better.

  • Pascal Expert, a Delphi IDE plugin for static code analysis from the source code, unlike other similar tools that perform an analysis of the running program.
    Pascal Expert is a subset of our standalone static code analyzer Pascal Analyzer. As it is integrated into the Delphi IDE, results are available when working with code. It lets you find problems earlier, and fix them at once.

All products are actively maintained and further developed.

For more information visit Peganza.

We thank Peganza for their support.

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