Symposium 2022 - Stefan Glienke introduces Spring4D

Stefan Glienke has contributed much to the Delphi community, authoring some well-known and high quality open source libraries. He is an active participant in many forums, including Delphi Praxis. Indeed, such is his contribution to the Delphi community, that he was named Embarcadero MVP of the year in 2015.

For the first time, Stefan is presenting at an ADUG Symposium. And what better way to introduce himself to us than by introducing Spring4D, a framework he has authored and maintains.

As documented in its wiki, Spring4D contains a number of different modules including:

  • A set of interface based Collections
  • A powerful IEnumberable interface for accessing those collections
  • A Dependency Injection Container
  • An Encryption Library
  • A Reflection library that extends Delphi’s RTTI

Spring4D has been in the toolbox of many developers in the past decade and many cannot do without it anymore. In this session you will learn why that is the case and Stefan will show many of the building blocks you can use in your application.

You will learn about multicast events, smart pointers, nullables and more. You probably already know about generic lists, dictionaries and other collection types from the RTL. Spring4D goes way beyond that and offers a rich set of collection types to enhance your software.

For more details check out the web page at the Symposium web page