Symposium 2023 - But wait, there's more

Just when you thought there were no more enticements to join the symposium, ADUG has some special items.

We have secured 5 pre-release printed copies of Alister Christie’s long awaited book, 'Coding Better in Delphi’. Be a lucky attendee and select one when your turn comes during the prize draw.

What more? you ask.

ADUG merch - yes our very own ADUG MUG!!

There are 5 of these going into the prize draw, and 15 will be available for purchase for $15, at the Melbourne venue (cash only, correct money please).

If you aren’t coming to the venue, you have until the 8th May to order your own piece of ADUG memorabilia.


Hi Sue

When will the zoom meeting details be sent out?


Real soon now!