Symposium 2023 - JavaScript the Delphi Way

There are a number of products to simplify writing JavaScript using pascal based code. They provide a fast track for Delphi and pascal programmers to create applications for a wider range of platforms.

At our 2023 Symposium, Jon Aasenden, known to many for his involvement in Smart Mobile Studio, will be presenting “JavaScript the Delphi Way”.

JavaScript is no longer confined to the browser. It is a bona fide JIT, with a compiled and highly capable system script, courtesy of node.js.

Quartex Pascal (short: QTX) is an object pascal IDE, compiler, run-time library and development system.

You write code in your favorite Object Pascal, and QTX generates high-performance JavaScript – allowing developers to tap into web technology and enjoy the full might of modern mobile, desktop, and server development. You can also write HTML5 for the front-end.

Join Jon as he shows us QTX 1.0, and shares his vision for the product. If you want to know a bit more about the history of QTX, an ideal place to start is the Quartex Pascal web page.

Register now for ADUG 2023 Symposium on 28th April on the ADUG website Symposium page.

See you there!

Hi Sue,

I have just registered for the online access to the symposium. I guess you will be emailing access details closer to the date ?


Yes, and they will be available in the forum as well. There is a new subcategory for the 2023 symposium under meetings which will shortly be available to all registrants.