Symposium 2023 Sydney Venue

ADUG would like to thank The Continuity Group for their kind offer to host the "Sydney Watch Party" for Sydneysiders who can’t fly to Melbourne for the symposium.

This is a great opportunity to meet other local Delphi users, discuss the presentations and escape the (home) office.

The Watch Party will be held at the Annandale office of The Continuity Group. (More information at the end). It is a short distance out side the CBD, just past the university.

Refreshments, snacks, maybe a lucky door prize as well as a pub lunch nearby will all be provided courtesy of The Continuity Group.

There will be no additional cost to join us. Just register at the ADUG website as an attendee for the “online event” as if you were going to watch it from home. Please press the “Going” button at the top of this post to show that you will be going, or let Lachlan know.

With symposium less than 2 weeks away, now is the time to register if you haven’t already.

For more details and to let us know you’re coming please email Lachlan (see email notification)

Watch Party Location Map

Getting there:

Using public transport is recommended.

Parking is available in the area but most of it has 2 or 4 hour limits. Please let Lachlan know if you are driving in.

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Hey Sydneysiders, the place to be tomorrow is watching the ADUG Symposium from The Continuity Group office here in Annandale.

At the moment it’s just a small group of the usual suspects attending but we’d love to welcome some new faces for the day.

Lunch is on The Continuity Group at the pub down the road.

Ring 0412 me 119 if 340 you’re thinking of coming (see what I did there) and I’ll give you more details.

Public transport (train to Central, then short bus trip) is definitely the recommended way to get here but if you really want to drive I can provide some assistance with parking as long as you get in touch with me in advance (tomorrow is too late).