Symposium 2023 - ToolsAPI Plugin for the IDE

If you use Delphi, you probably have a love/hate relationship with the IDE. It does a lot, but there are always more functions or changes in behaviour that can make programming quicker, easier and more fun.

Who can live without GExperts or CnPack? What about TestInsight?

So do you trawl the third-party addons or write your own? Or a bit of both? Do you know just how easy it is write your own?

David Millington is a name long associated with IDE addons, having written Bookmarks and Navigator, available through GetIt for later versions.

In this talk, David will show the basics of a ToolsAPI plugin, concepts that apply in all areas of the IDE, and show them in practice, plus a very cool new API added in RAD Studio 11.3.

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