Symposium Prizes Notifications

Any info on when we should expect it to happen?

I’m keen on getting the my prizes too as I have a current project that could use them.

I do understand that organising all this takes time though and appreciate the effort put in.

Lack of any feed back has been a signifacant negative.
I’ve been checking my spam , nothing.
Can we please have some indication of whatever is happening?
Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

Working through prize list. A few issues have held things up. All prize emails should have been sent before the end of the business today (Tuesday).

I had a talk with Mitov on FaceBook as their web site is down at present. They hope to have it running again within a day or so.

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The Mitov site is back up and running. I received my ADUG prize voucher code yesterday and gave that to Mitov who said they’ll email the licence details shortly.

As for the second prize some have asked about, was it the communications package? If so, you should have gotten an email about this earlier in the week (I did).

Is there any news on the book prizess that were being sent out? I inquired via email but haven’t heard back.

The last I heard, The President was jet-setting about, hand delivering a personal signed copy. Of course, that depends on each State’s covid restrictions, etc, so it might take a while. So please be patient, I am sure there are a lot of people that are waiting for them and I am sure you are near the top of the list.
Sorry. Haven’t had my coffee this morning. What I just said could be a total lie and I haven’t got a clue to what is happening. But if it put a smirk on you face, then it was worth it :slight_smile:

You aren’t far wrong. The Vice-President is camper trailing around SA …

Seriously though, there were a few other issues to resolve and we now have the final numbers for ordering and sending.

If you are expecting a copy, please check the address in your membership record in ADUG. This is where it will be sent. Yes, Nick, I have noted yours.

Humble apologies for the delays and lack of communication. We will let you know as soon as we have some more definite news, hopefully early next week.

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A week later, I have news that the books have arrived in Australia and should be on their way soon.

All books have been dispatched!


Thank you !

Received today with thanks. Have already learned a couple of shortcuts that will help a lot!

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Me, over here, weeping in West Australian. :sleepy: :rofl:

Arrived today. Thank you ! :+1:

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Likewise, so did mine. Thank you but I was quite disappointed that the the President didn’t hand deliver it, nor that it was personally signed.

Oh well, can’t have everything I guess :frowning:

But I do like the binary page numbers - that’s cool, so I will forgive the other oversights. :smiley:


Hey Mr Pres.

Maybe you could sent a signed picture of yourself as a consolation to Nick.