Symposium Prizes Notifications

Any info on when we should expect it to happen?

I’m keen on getting the my prizes too as I have a current project that could use them.

I do understand that organising all this takes time though and appreciate the effort put in.

Lack of any feed back has been a signifacant negative.
I’ve been checking my spam , nothing.
Can we please have some indication of whatever is happening?
Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

Working through prize list. A few issues have held things up. All prize emails should have been sent before the end of the business today (Tuesday).

I had a talk with Mitov on FaceBook as their web site is down at present. They hope to have it running again within a day or so.

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The Mitov site is back up and running. I received my ADUG prize voucher code yesterday and gave that to Mitov who said they’ll email the licence details shortly.

As for the second prize some have asked about, was it the communications package? If so, you should have gotten an email about this earlier in the week (I did).