Symposium Replays and Prizes

I missed much of the symposium due to some other commitments… was there a prize draw of some sort at the end? Will replays be available for all sessions? Thanks, KB.

The short answer, yes and yes.

Replays will be available as soon as they have been edited into the separate sessions. Links will be posted on the forum, and sent via email to all attendees.

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When will the recordings be available, please?

Hi @DavidMarcus - we are expecting them to be available soon - maybe a handful of days.

Attendee’s will be able to see the session videos for the symposium in the 2022 Symposium Category now. They are the topics tagged with video.


I just get “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

That happens if you are not logged in to the forum.

Log in and look for it.

Meetings → 2022-symposium

and find the presentation you are looking for

I get this message when logged in … ??? @SueKing

I’m not sure what message you mean, but the first post of all users must be approved. This is to help us control bots and spam.

You should be fine now.

SueKing: "I’m not sure what message you mean, … "
Please accept my apologies. My post was a reply, but the reply has not included any indication of what I was replying to.
My reply was to the post by
Symposium Replays and Prizes /
David O’Brien: I just get “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

I get the same message even though I am logged in and attended the symposium.

I am wondering if other users can not access this page either?

@SueKing neither of them are in the Symposium 2022 group, so that might be why they do not have access. If a comittee member can confirm they were attendees then I can add them to the group.

Both users have been added to Meetings->Symposium2022, so should now be able to access the replays.

If anyone else is having difficulties, please let me know. This year, adding registrants to the category was manual, and I obviously missed a couple. Apologies.