Symposium Sydney get together

For those Sydney siders who don’t want to do the pilgrimage to Melbourne, and would like a better experience then staring at a 27" screen, we are doing a live stream of Symposium 2024 at the Sydney HQ of OnSolution in Castle Hill.

For some, it will be a new experience to venture past Macquarie Uni. For others, it will be a relief not to face the M2.

For all, though, it will be the golden opportunity to get together and roll jaffas down the aisle. We will duck over to the local cafe for lunch and out to the local pub for a drink afterwards (warning: pub food not suitable for human consumption).

Now for the important stuff:
Address: OnSolution 43 / 5 Anella Ave, Castle Hill.
Parking: Plenty in the pub carpark right next door. Just park next to BWS.
Public transport: Metro to Showground* and we can pick you up from there.
Cost: Register directly with ADUG for symposium. Lunch will be $10 to $20 or bring your own.

RSVP: Please let Shane know (


Hi Shane,

As I mentioned, I have another commitment in the morning, so I don’t think I will make it.


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