TControlList Issue

Just started to try to use the TControlList, I want to put some data and a text edit on it, is this possible, or is this just for show?
It says “Only TGraphicControl class descendants are supported”.

I’m pretty sure you cannot do that

Yes it doesn’t support the normal windows messages going to controls so Tedits etc aren’t going to work, as per their explanation of how the button thing is done.
Not really sure why a similar version of this control concept couldn’t be made to support all controls though.

Could you clarify what you mean by ‘put some data on it’ ?

Yes, I’m coming to that realization. What a shame. Back to the drawing board… :frowning:


That would be nice. I don’t have the time now though to embark on that. Looks like a DevExpress Grid is going to be the easy answer.