Technical talking - giving presentations

The ADUG Winter Symposium is very close … some presentation thoughts for following ADUG meetings.

@Shanevan shared a link previously, but I see it was in the committee-only area.

Nov 2014 - “YOW! Nights October 2014 Damian Conway - Instantly Better Presentations”

PDF from his webpage :

And Meeting C++ Sweden recently had 9 experienced presenters (some VERY experienced) give less than 10 min lightning talks … about presentations.

I think some of the speakers were setting an intimidatingly high bar compared to what I would expect from a friendly local ADUG presentation … I’m looking at you Andrei Alexandrescu … but they are all worth listening to.

These are the speakers, the topics, and the starting time-codes for each section:

Tina Ulbrich - But I have nothing to talk about! 1:55
Inbal Levi - Distilling your message 7:44
Hendrik Niemeyer - Doing research on your talks with Zettelkasten (and some tools) 13:10
Andrei Alexandrescu - Stop working on your slides 21:00
Jens Weller - Presenting Code 39:02
Clare Macrae - Better Code Samples in Programming Talks 47:51
Chandler Carruth - About giving live demos 1:02:35
Patricia Aas - Telling a story 1:11:45
Kate Gregory - How to end a talk 1:23:55

They are all together in this YouTube link … but they have also been separated out into individual videos in the Meeting C++ YouTube channel.

I like the concept. We could try some out at some National meetings.

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