Test VCL message

Testing message to VCL Forum

Just testing sourcecode formatting:


Some text with Listbox1.Add('Hello World'); in it

Whole Line

TMyObject = class(TObject)


procedure TStateMachine<TState, TTrigger>.TransitionToState
  (const AState: TState; AFirstTime: boolean);
  if not Active then
    raise EStateMachineException.Create('StateMachine not active');

  if not FStates.ContainsKey(AState) then
    raise EUnknownState.Create('Unable to find Configured State');

  // only exit if not the first transition to initial state
  if not AFirstTime then

  FCurrentState := AState;


Update: Oooh, pretty. Should I write a FAQ entry?

Yes please! and my post needs to be 20 characters …

@Malcolm you won’t have permissions for the FAQ category so just do it in the site feeback category and we’ll move it after.

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OK, I just had a go at it. Let me know if you think it should include anything else.

You could probably also mention for blocks you can specify a language after the 3 backticks




The list of supported languages for syntax highlighting is

delphi, pascal, bash, cs, cpp, css, coffeescript, diff, xml, http, ini, json, java, javascript, makefile, markdown, nginx, objectivec, ruby, perl, php, python, sql, csharp, vbscipt

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Good idea, just updated

Thanks, moved to the FAQ section.

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