The 1b. Line Challenge for OP

Hopefully this shows how to generate the data …

Currently, apparently, with the data loaded into a ramdrive …

There is a JAVA result completing the challenge in … 1 second.

Details when I can find them.

Meanwhile … OP people are on the job. 13 seconds reported unofficially atm.

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Gus was at the Uk Devgroup meeting tonight.

as reported at the github repo … results to date are pretty amazing :

The original Java challenge was for data from 400 weather stations, generating a 16GB file (1 billion lines).

The Delphi / Object Pascal challenge has 41,000 weather stations, same file size … making it MORE challenging.

… 1.7 seconds … O_o

This is the perfect example of why Embarcadero needs to provide free enterprise licenses to the mORMot team to ensure some of the best pascal code around is available for Delphi.


I’ve never had anyone from mORMot approach me that I am aware of.

Are you on the mORMot team? If not, do you know any of them?

Get them to contact me at and we can sort something out. :smiley:

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I don’t know the case for Arnaud & Mormot … I do remember people suggesting that Andreas Hausladen was unable to continue developing eg IDEFixPack because he didn’t have a (sponsored) copy of later version of the IDE.
(I do see mentions of the 10.4.2 CE on the website … DelphiSpeedUp 3.1 – Andy's Blog and Tools)

It looks like DelphiSpeedup has not been updated in 13 years, so that would be a lot of ground to cover if someone wanted to port it to D12.1.

DDevExtensions (Another Hausladen Delphi helper) is still viable on D12.1, but it suffers from HighDPI issues. Since the source code is available, I was able to fix some of that for my personal copy.

I see that Andy was working on DDevExtensions last November.

Andreas previously said that he could no longer dedicate the time to the project. As far as I understand a significant number of the patches and so on were incorporated into the IDE - but this was all long before I was an MVP and definitely before I started working for Embarcadero, so I have no specific knowledge of that and it’s purely relying on my slightly old duffer memory.

I don’t believe it was anything to do with free copies of the IDE - we would definitely reach out nowadays and rectify that - because I understand he actually collaborated quite closely with internal staff (again, this is from memory).

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