TMS Webcore - Could someone try this for me please

I am trying to have a menu (always visible) in a dark blue colour, just testing with Navy.

  1. Finally figured out that the Visible property is reversed. When you select Never, its always visible. Which is what I want

  2. Also took a while to make it work as it needs a container specified which is the panel in this case, otherwise it behaves like a popup menu.

  3. I want the font in white and all the backgrounds (except hover) in dark blue.

I haven’t played with css on this one yet. because I have issues - external css file wont work for me. It cant find it. And I am not resorting to inline css.

Processing: Menu.rar… (6.2 KB)

Hi Rohit,

I downloaded and tried running it, but it looks like it is a Miletus project and it grumbled about not being able to find an icns file.

I haven’t done anything with Miletus, I’ve just been using the Web Application project type.

Sorry that wasn’t more helpful.


To use HTML5 and css3 Install Bootstrap 4+ (I recommend 5) and follow the documentation, the web core project folder has a menu item to do that, check their video
I began just with the native product and not using any bootstrap. HRML css2 templates are also accommodated but I had difficulty with two free templates I downloaded but I suggest it was the templates being poorly written.

What you are attempting though worked fine natively and then with bootstrap as well

The documentation for this is on the TMS web site in video’s and there is also a reasonably detailed PDF

I have been able to get a web site working but there are issues in browser based apps accessing local data on installed devices since security has been increased on browsers and on local mobile devices, local data seems best served with JSON and for server data a rest server which I had to create from scratch accessing MySQL for example from my local machine for testing

Otherwise it’s a good product but requires more documentation around use of and properties for the thankfully, various and numerous controls


Rainer Sans

Ahh, because it was already focused, I didnt spot the Web Application and thought I had to select between PWA, Electron and Miletus. I shall try again.

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I wonder if that also has something to do with your other issues? ie. external css, browser, etc?

Hi Rainer,

I have watched two videos and had a look at their demo. And read the first few chapters of the book. None of them address these issues. They deal with more high fluting things. Whats required in a demo, for instance, is all the properties exposed as controls, so at runtime you can fiddle with them and see what happens. But I did download the help pdf. It mainly just gives the name for it, which is not much use. It’s also not accurate. Like you do need the container, it does not go the top left of the browser for me.

I have a few issues still.

  1. It wont run on Firefox, its been with TMS support for over a week. They wont even supply me with a copy with logging so that they can see what’s going wrong. The crazy thing is that their demos do work in firefox. The only difference is that they have an ini file for the exe to read. I haven’t received any docs from support on this.

  2. More major one, it will not read local resources such as css or images if the exe is run from outside or from inside the IDE. Yet, the html file, when executed works in firefox and finds the resources. Support have been silent on this for over a week. Yesterday, however I figured in the same line as your thinking and have disabled the windows defender for public networks. I have to try it again today.

Two thing is sorted.

  1. The plain Web project does use firefox. So, its Miletus that’s making it not run in firefox.

  2. I used the color and font.color of the container panel and was able to achieve what I wanted. The manual.pdf did not help here.

I was going to write my new website with it (as practice). I was not able to achieve even a responsive header that I was going for (for the placeholder page). So I have used html/css to achieve it (for now).

If anyone wants to prove me wrong, have a look at or