TMS Webcore - which file do I run (in Firefox)

I am testing (outside the browser) before deploying. I am running from the release folder.

I have 3 files


When I run project.html I get a blank screen in the browser. I thought that this was the equivalent of the index.html. If I run mainform.html than I get what I expect. But no javascript or webcore components.

What have I missed ?

I looked at the logs and spotted the CORS error again. I have an add-on which is supposed to disable cors checking for certain websites. That did not work. I have fixed it

  1. Type in about:config in the search bar of “Firefox”
  2. Accept the risk and continue
  3. Change privacy.file_unique_origin to false

According to Mozilla developer document, this setting is for your local machine to treat the folder that started the html as the origin.