UK Delphi User Group on-line meeting

Adam Brett (posted on fb)

Monday 11/07/22 12:00-17:00 GMT+0 seems to be

  • AEST 10pm - 3am
  • AWST 8pm - 1am
  • :cry:

Hi All,

A quick invite to the UK Delphi User Group on-line meeting.

Next week 11th July midday to 5pm UK time.

The topics/speakers for this meeting:

  • The usual catch-up/news - Jason Chapman

  • Lets do some pascal scripting, as used in our ETL (Exchange, Transform, Load) tool – Lorenz Wolf

  • A quick look at Lazarus – Ian Hamilton

  • Introduction to Network Boundary Security - Rob Lambden

The group is professional, so there is a membership fee for attending to cover admin costs. However the first meeting is free, and we encourage people to come to try out a taster session.

If you are interested please contact Jason Chapman for invite details.