Uncle ADUG Needs You!

It happens every year! There is an AGM and an election for the committee for the following year.

Do you have some ideas for promoting ADUG, new services for members or want to give something back to this organisation that has helped so many of us in so many different ways?

On 19th September the AGM and committee election will be held online and in person in Melbourne.

There are going to be vacancies on the committee.

Long time committee member and cat herder from WA, Scott Hollows, is retiring from the committee. Scott has worked hard for both WA and ADUG in general and we thank him for his contributions.

But as one door closes, another one opens. Will you step up and nominate for a general committee position?

If you have any questions about what is involved with the role, ask here, or email/talk to any of the current committee members.

This is a chance to have a say in rebuilding ADUG for the future.

Long live ADUG!

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One thing that could be interesting - in my opinion, especially given how the educational license works - is to have examples that do relatively basic AI. Such a library may be very interesting to many people both inside and outside academia. If you were more bent onto getting academia more involved, something interesting would be something such as this: Much bigger simulation, AIs learn Phalanx - YouTube . This could be used in all kinds of biology classes at all levels including PhD and with FMX researchers could publish apps on the stores for people to play with.