Unwanted frame properties persistence

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I make extensive use of frames in my projects. I’ve now moved to Delphi 12 to improve productivity but I thought I’d ask about this very frustrating issue which I hoped had improved.

I use frames that contain toolbars and buttons. From time to time, the form where the frame is used (at design time) will modify the toolbar size and button sizes (larger) for no apparent reason. The form may even appear like this after it was previously closed with the correct sized frame toolbars. Upon examining the form as text it will be apparent that the frame/ toolbar sizes have now been persisted.

Q1. Is there a way of preventing some frame properties from being modified? Intentionally or in this case for some unknown reason.

Q2. How can you perform ‘Revert to inherited’ on a control when you can only select its children. Ie. On a toolbar when you can only select the buttons. NOTE: I’m often wanting to select a component in the structure pane for this reason but it is not available.


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I, too, have had issues with Frames being changed for no apparent reason.

Touch wood, there have been no ‘breaking’ changes, but in the past I have seen changes that break the frames completely.

The only answer I’ve found, is ‘recent backups’, although, for some reason the frame seems to be stored in ‘multiple’, dfms, so sometimes you can get things back just by comparing the different ‘instances’ and editing either, or both, to make everything look right again.

And, no, I’ve never been able to figure out a trigger for the ‘unauthorised’ change, sometimes I didn’t even change anything in the frame and the frame would break.

Are you designing with a screen that’s not set to 100% zoom in windows?