Upgrading from XE to 11

I’ve been using Delphi XE for many years and am considering upgrading to the latest version (currently 11).

Is there likely to be any issues porting my XE projects?

I don’t use any of the included database connectivity, so I’m not concerned about that.

I do have a current TMS component licence so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Are the Jedi packs usable in the latest Delphi versions?

Any other gotchas that I need to keep in mind?

Language wise, you shouldn’t have much trouble - perhaps a few methods etc have changed but nothing major.

For the VCL, High DPI support will trip you up if you are not careful - lots of issues with it still in D11.

I just migrated my dev branch from 10.4.2 (after previously migrating from XE7) to 11.x - but the major high dpi issues I have are still not addressed, and some new ones appeared.

High DPI support is one thing my main application could benefit from.

Would I be best asking for licenses for some of the earlier versions? If so, which ones are a good step up from XE but relatively bug free ?

I can’t really answer that, I went for 2010 → XE7-10.4.2->11.x - all of which have problems. I’d say out of all the IDE’s 11.x feels snappier.

If it’s high dpi you are after, the 11.x is probably the best bet (given it’s the most likely to receive bug fixes) - just don’t expect it to be perfect or problem free.

Third party libs can also be problematic for high dpi - I would expect TMS to be on top of things but no idea about Jedi etc. I did a lot of work on some open source libraries to get high dpi working correctly - virtual tree view, synedit etc. Sadly most of my issues are still with the VCL.

Don’t use form constraints with vcl themes and high dpi, your form will do strange things if it ever gets minimised (likely).

I’ve also had issues with toolbars and menus getting the wrong size images when moving between forms - I haven’t nailed down the cause for that yet, but it seems like there is a bug in the vcl to do with monitor detection - when I stepped through it the menu thought it was on a different monitor so got the wrong dpi - but when I tried to create a reproducible test case it worked fine.


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With XE I have an issue with the popup menu appearing at the wrong location when the form it’s on is not on the same monitor as the application. The main app is on a 4K monitor set to 150% and the other is on a 1080 monitor set to 100%. I was hoping D11 would solve that.

After some prompting from me, I was offered a discount off the full price. It’s still a lot of money since I mainly use Delphi for freeware apps. I did get the D10.x community editions, but have never used them as there were issues with the TMS installer wanting manual install only, etc. I didn’t want to mess up my existing (working) XE installation.

Can you not get a trial version of D11 and create a sample app to replicate your scenario, that might tell you how things will go.

Good idea. Trial gotten and installed ! :slight_smile:

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Hmmm… Delphi 11 seems to do weird stuff to form sizes as they are moved from one monitor to another.

I show a second form from the first and resize it with the mouse. As I drag it either way between my first (4K 150%) and second (smaller 100%) monitors, the form snaps back to the pre-resized dimensions!

Delphi 11 purchased so here’s hoping the migration of my main project goes well !